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     Leigh and I are two urban professionals who balance busy careers. However, as avid life-long dog owners, the most rewarding part of a long, hard day is coming home and relaxing with our pack.


     Our current pack consists of nine dogs. We have two dachshunds and seven Rhodesian Ridgebacks.


     We decided to get into the art of breeding not only because of our love of the breed, but to produce a healthy, high-quality canine with an outstanding temperament. Though we are in the early stages of our breeding program, we are receiving immense support from other breeders who are encouraging and very informative. Obviously, there is a huge learning curve with this craft. Nonetheless, we hope one day, one of our stunning Rhodesians will make their way into your pack.

Doug Willows
Leigh Bishop

All of our dogs with a speical vistor "Tucker".

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